Is he going to break up with me over this?

Ok so the last time I was with my boyfriend was on Thursday and we left on an awkward note OK so pretty much what happend was we war at his house and the whole basement is his bed room and we war having sex in his room and we herd his mom coming down the stairs and he was able to quickly get his pants back on but I couldn't get mine on fast enough so she saw me with my pants off it was so embarasing I'm afraid to go back there again I can't even look her in the eye and so I told my boyfriend when we where outside alone waiting for her to take me home I told him how I feel about all this I told him that I don't think she likes me anymore and that I felt oncofterbul and I asked him I f she would be mad and he made nothing of it he just said she won't care what would she expect a 16 year old boy to do so I said OK and I let it go and we went in the car the car ride was fine he walked me to the door and we where fine and then he sent me a text saying as soon as I got in the car she called me out on what happend so I felt akeard and didn't know how to respond to that so I said oh lol is she mad and he just gave me a one word answer no and then I said OK and I feel that maybe I shouldent habe said lol but I didn't mean it like it was funny so then he never texted me the next day all day and the following so I decided to give him a call and he didn't answer so I think he's mad at me and I feel like this is for shadowing him breaking up with me I'm waiting for that text saying we need to talk or I'm just gessing he's just not gonna talk tto me for the rest of the weekend where in the same school and I might see him on Monday through passing but we don't have any of the same classes or lunch period together so and I'm afraid that if we do run into each other he's going to ignore me or something bad so yea I don't know what to do and what to say when I do see him or talk to him


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  • I hate to be the one to tell you this. He will break up with you.

    His mom saw your ass and that is too much. His mother does not want you to get pregnant and control her family. I am sure his mother took his phone and told him not to see you. Now he is a 16 year old with you giving it to him and the chances of his entire life going to crap is you being in his life.

    If his parents had plans for him to go to college and becoming a doctor. Loving you could change his future to McDonalds and diapers.

    Good luck


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  • Hmmm...well...let's see here...

    I wouldn't worry about it. I know that's easier said than done, but just give him a little room. Wait for him to call or text. Could be his mom is calling the shots and told him not to see you anymore. Who knows. Parents can be overly protective over things like this.

    If you see him at school on Monday, you'll know by how he interacts with you whether or not he still likes you and if things are okay.

  • I peaced to read table lamp, chair but like ice.

    Boring wall of text that I couldn't read and 'war' is not.

    Use a sentence or two, maybe some SPACES/paragraphs. And just cut out 90% and leave the necessary info.

  • most likely his mom that is making him not talk to you and mad at him about it.doesn't seem like you did anything wrong. why would she call you out and not him? that's just stupid honestly.. if anything she can only be mad at her own son.

  • writing your complete story without punctuation marks...

    do you think that's a good way to get the best answers?

    i got so annoyed after reading 2/3 that I simply stopped.

  • "I felt oncofterbu" lol oncofterbu

    I don't think he will break up with you, just needs some time for it to become less awkward.

    But tbh I think you're too young to be having relations.


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  • Wow...sounds like you aren't mature enough to even be having sex in the first place.

    1) You have awful spelling and grammar skills. I'm sorry but "oncofterbul"...really? Lol It took me about four tries to figure out what you were trying to say there. But just for future reference, it's spelled *uncomfortable*.

    2) You two weren't able to talk about the incident. Him ignoring you for this is very childish and immature. Sounds like you both have a lot of growing up to do before you attempt sex again...

    He probably won't break up with you for it. I'm assuming he just feels awkward about the situation, although, mature adults would have the decency to address each other when something like this happens. My advice is just give him some more time to get over it. I'm sure he'll contact you eventually.

    • Agreed, stop sleeping around and work on school lol. There is plenty of time ahead of you to spend in bed

  • It sounds like the two of you aren't mature enough to be having sex. You weren't able to talk about what happened and now the two of you are playing guessing games with each other and there's no communication or anything... this doesn't sound like a great way to go about your relationship. I don't know if he'll break up with you but honestly that might not be such a bad thing.


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