She's got a boyfriend. Why is she contacting me?

Ex girlfriend ended the relationship about 7 weeks ago. It was a heavy and hard split. We were together for about two years

She said she wanted nothing to do with me and didn't want me to contact her.

I have not contacted her about a month now and I just ignore her.

However we work at the same place and she's got a boyfriend now

Now last week she tried getting my attention and talking to me I ignored her.

Two days later She then put a picture on Facebook with her and her new guy

Then two days after the picture she tried calling me a couple of times around midnight, think she was drunk. I didn't answer. This is the first time she's called me since we split

I have now heard she's talking to other colleagues about our split and her new boyfriend,

Yesterday she changed Her status on Facebook is in a relationship

Why is she trying to contact me after wanting no contact from me especially if she has a boyfriend?


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  • Sounds like she's trying to make you jealous.

    1. The breakup was dramatic, and she made it clear she didn't want to keep further contact with you.. i.e. wanted to sound like she's done. But she likely isn't and hence she's called you.

    2. It's way too soon to have a new boyfriend, specially after such a long relationship. She's most likely using the poor sod. I'd have my doubts if she didn't pursue any contact with you, but since she has... her actions speak for themselves.

    3. She's most likely using Facebook to show "how great she's doing without you" in an attempt to get your attention.

    Basically, she sounds like she's upset about the breakup and this is the way she's acting about it. If you have no intention on keeping in touch, I'd suggest you keep ignoring her or delete her from Facebook.

    No need to make fun of her or add fuel to the fire in any way. I think that deep down she's hurting, but doesn't know how to deal with it in a more mature way. Just be the bigger person and let's hope this all ends. If anything, she'll just make a fool of herself.

    • Well yesterday I was walking across the road heading to work and she spotted me and ran over to speak to me. So I was polite and stopped. She said she wanted to make sure I was alright basically I had a little car crash at work nothing serious but she heard about it. I said I was fine and OK. She tried to continue the convo but I quickly ended it and said I had to go and then I walked off. She was expecting me to carry on the convo. Why is she trying to still talk to me?

    • It wouldn't have to mean something if she kept it short and casual, but if she's often trying to carry on the conversation she could be missing you. Is she still with her new boyfriend? Do you miss her, or do you just want things to cool down? If so, I guess there's not much to do but keep it up. Can't rudely tell her to go away or something, specially if she's being polite herself. You could ignore her or even tell her politely you want some space if needed though.

    • I do miss her now and then but also want things to cool down. I still feel the bitterness of the break up and angry. I think she is still with her boyfriend. I miss her but sometimes I can't stand her.

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  • shes trying to make you jealous because in the past month youve stopped giving her attention and the feeling of you wanting her back, now she's feeling annoyed and missing you because she's not getting your attention and she wants to stir you up so you speak to her

    just continue to ignore her and take the high road

    • I still have feelings for her and I do care about her. If she's wants my attention and misses why how come she's in a relationship so soon after the split. Surely this is not good for her new relationship?

    • shes in a relationship to get you jealous and beg for her back or because she wants the new guy for a change and wants to string you along just incase it doesn't work out with him so she can jump back to you as her rebound.

    • That would make sense she probably confused and wants both worlds. She's fairly insecure person and it would make sense for her trying to keep me in the background incase it didn't work out. And her making me jealous is a typical thing she does and when I don't show interest she craves attention.

  • Maybe she wants to see what you're up to.

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    • I guess I don't understand men either because I asked my boyfriend what you asked and told him what I said and he said what I said doesn't make sense either. LOL

    • Lol his right it didn't make sense. But like the other comments she probably wants me to beg, make me jealous, missing me, keep me on the back burner as an option when things don't work out. They won't because his a rebound guy. She met him a day after we split. Been together 7 weeks and she's being exclusive their in a relationship.

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