Will he come back? Shall I try and talk to him?

My ex boyfriend and I where together for a year and he really loved me, and I loved him. But he broke up with me about 6 months ago over text and didn't give me a reason, I'm good friends with his friend and he told me he was crying for days, and everything, he has got a new girlfriend of 4 months I have been told she looks exactly like me and he's even called her my name 3 times , he allways wears the watch I got him for his birthday, and apparently he treated me far better than he did her. What do you think I should do? Do you think he misses me? He told his friend to say happy birthday to me and he hopes I have a lovely day. He is quite a stubborn boy but he tells everyone I was his first love, will he come back? I have tried to talk to him previously when it first happened but he ignored me.


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  • It's hard to say he'll come back. You said yourself he's stubborn so even if he wants to, there's a reason why he can't be with you/feels like he doesn't want to be with you. If even through all his missing you and checking up on you through mutual friends he's still with this rebound and trying to get over you, he's not likely to just change his mind like that. But who knows. It may not happen as soon as you want it to. But don't get your hopes up into thinking he'll come back to you. That's the worst thing you can do.

    • Yeah thanks, I hope he does I guess I just have to wait and hope. He also cheated on his rebound. He would never do that to me, I guess its just time.

      I hate stubborn boys!

    • Never say never. And it's best to expect that he won't come back. Holding on to that hope will only cause you to a) never get over him and b) be bad for you once he moves on with someone else.

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  • You know how it is. Sometimes we plan a trip to one place, but something takes us to another.

    • Who is in the house of my heart,

      I cried in the middle of the night.

      Love said,

      "It is I, but what are all these images that fill your house?"

      I said, they are the reflection of your beautiful face.

      She asked,

      "But what is this image full of pain?"

      I said, it is me lost in the sorrows of life

      and showed her my soul full of wounds.

      She offered me one end of a thread and said:

      "Take it so I can pull you back

      but do not break the delicate string."

      I reached towards her but she struck my hand.

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  • First loves will never fade. When you love someone, I mean really love someone you will always love them so it's not weird for him to act this way because he probably still loves you just doesn't know how to handle his feelings.

    • Thank you! Does that mean you think he will change his mind and come back? Maybe?

    • It's possible! I hope for you he does girl! Just show him you still love him by the little things you do

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