Ex-boyfriend totally acting like my boyfriend, we just broke up but I feel closer to him. What does he want from me?

My ex and I were together a little over a year. For the past few months, things have been rocky... we took some space but after a month, we ultimately decided to stay together. Then a month later, it just wasn't working so we broke up for good. This was three weeks ago. He was the one who couldn't handle the relationship, but he promised and begged to still be friends and spend time together and be close. I was devastated and thought I'd never really see him again because people always say they want to "be friends" but never really mean it.

Funny thing is, now that we are broken up, he treats me better than ever. I waited a week to accept his invitations to hang out, and he missed me like crazy. Now, he contacts me like every day, always asks me to hang out, and he is there for me like he never really used to be. Always asking about my personal life, giving me advice, and when we hang out (which happens most days), he seems completely enamored with me. It's like he is more into me now than he was when we were together... he is always staring at me, kissing my forehead and being affectionate which he always had a really hard time doing when we were together.

He says he doesn't want us to see other people, but he doesn't want to be in a real relationship because the pressure to do everything right is what makes him unhappy. He said its not about seeing other girls at all, that he has no interest in anyone else.

I'm so confused. What does he want from me? Is there hope of getting back together? I'm happy whenever I'm with him because he treats me so well. I don't want to lose him, but I also don't want to be used if he never wants a relationship again...


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  • Just move on.That seems like a better option.

  • I don't like this situation.

    You're putting your own feelings and heart at risk.Frankly,I think it is selfish for anyone to treat someone like thay ARE STILL DATING them,when they aren't.That's attempting to get the perks of a relationship without the RESPONSIBILITY.This is where YOU will inevitably get hurt.From all of the kisses and flirting and missed glances from him,you will find that YOU WILL want more from him.Its probable sadly that he will SHUT you out for you asking for something more solid.Since he is the one who ended things with you?NO.NO.NO. You should not allow him to treat you like you are dating...the two of you need to be one or the other.Either friends or in a relationship.THAT'S IT. Its just selfish.

    What does he want from you?He wants his cake and to eat it too.That's about it girl.Will you get back together?You need to understand something...when a guy breaks up with you...its because he is ready to leave you,and move on to someone else.He was willing to forego having a relationship with you because he doesn't WANT it.Think about that for a second. Sorry,but I think your guy is full of bullsh*t.I'm not saying another girl is in the picture,BUT..I am saying,if he can suddenly become the perfect "boyfriend" while not having the title of BOYFRIEND,its not because he is incapable of treating you well,its because he chooses to NOT be in a relationship with YOU. That gives him FREEDOM to do whatever he wants with you,and without you.

    I don't think you should allow this to continue...I'm sure you can find someone else.Don't allow someone to jerk you around like this! I don't care how nice he is being to you NOW. I would bet you a million dollars that if another girl comes around that he WANTS to explore,he will drop you faster than a hot pocket. So...think about it. I'm just trying to be honest. I hope you make the right decision,but I think you should put an end to what happening and just be FRIENDS WITHOUT benefits. Period.


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