How to move out of strict parents house?

I wanna break free and be more parents use money to control me. They pay for almost everything but in return they belittle me and try to control every aspect of my life. I'm looking for a second job right now but they, mostly my Dad, will not be happy because I'm "out in the streets" instead of being at home. They don't like me going out and being away from home too long. I wasn't allowed to go to school away from home even though I had the grades for!


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  • Please tell me you f***ed up on your age when you created this account.

    • I did. I'm 19

    • Alright why is a first job not enough, part time?

      I would try to find a stable 40hr/wk job first of all and wait till your first/second paycheck, to see what you actually make a week/month.

      Then find out the cost of the apartment you want, the cable/internet bills after the first 6 month period deal they give you. Water if it's not free there, gas/heating/electricity and then food and see if you make enough.

      They sounds insane if they actually want to keep you home and away from another job.

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