For all those woman who "want/look" for a "smart guy", if he cheated on you without you knowing..

What would you have to say about that considering the fact that he's smart ? And if he's smart, chances are likely that he'd get away with it without you ever knowing. But if there comes a time when you find out through the side-chick, he'd still be smart enough to prove her wrong and that he never cheated all along. LMAO. And also, the fact that you wanted and got a smart man, you can't really complain about it if he's that smart, right ? Lol ! Would you still consider having THAT kind of smart guy ? You don't have to answer the question. Your opinion about it would be alright, and same goes with men. What do you guys think ?


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  • It's funny because I went through a similar crap with my ex boyfriend. He's a lawyer; smart, capable, good looks. That's why I fell for him in the first place. But then I found out he was cheating on me. The girl he was cheating with contacted me through fb. Seriously, the moment I found out, I broke up with him because I knew I deserved so much better. This wasn't long ago.. and now I don't even look at smart & successful guys. Maybe when I feel better I'll start dating "smart" guys again but not at the moment.

    So to answer your question, no I would not consider having that kind of smart guy.

    • Wow I'm really sorry /: relationships are so tough nowadays and the idea of that kind of "smart guy" just popped up in my head. Thanks for sharing though ! (:

    • Hahaha just felt like sharing :) no need to feel sorry!

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