What are your reasons for going back to an ex?

For those of you, guys and girls, who have gotten back together with an ex, I'm curious as to what your reasons for doing so were? Did you have any hesitation? What did your ex to do win you back, or vice versa, what did you do to win them back? Do you regret going back? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to understand how likely/not likely it is for people to get back together. I have an ex I really want to get back together with but its been over a year and I don't know how she feels anymore. So answer as many as you'd like. Thanks :)


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  • None man, don't do it. It always ends badly. Here let me tell you a little story: So, there was this guy named Anakin and this is how it all went down. Anakin's gradual fall to the dark side of the Force as he fights in the Clone Wars, which Palpatine secretly engineers to destroy the Republic and lure Anakin into his service. Anakin and Padmé fall in love and secretly wed, and eventually Padmé becomes pregnant. Anakin has a prophetic vision of Padmé dying in childbirth, and Palpatine convinces him that the dark side holds the power to save her life; desperate, Anakin submits to the dark side and takes the Sith name Darth Vader. While Palpatine re-organizes the Republic into the tyrannical Galactic Empire—appointing himself Emperor for life—Vader participates in the extermination of the Jedi Order, culminating in a lightsaber battle between himself and Obi-Wan on the volcanic planet Mustafar. Obi-Wan defeats his former apprentice and friend, severing his limbs and leaving him for dead. Palpatine arrives shortly afterward and saves Vader, placing him into a mechanical suit of armor that keeps him alive. At the same time, Padmé dies while giving birth to twins Luke and Leia. The twins are hidden from Vader and are not told who their real parents are. So this is what is going to happen to you if you go back to your ex. Don't fall into the dark side.


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