What is the situation, is he just using her for a place to stay?

Okay so case in short there's a guy that's liked me for a few months and has wanted to ask me out but he was intimated by me. We got to know each other better but didn't get into a relationship because I'm currently on break from a four year relationship so ya. Anyway he has a crazy ex, and he doesn't get along with his parents so he's been moving between staying with his mom, his dad, and even his (ex)gf.

His x was psycho and so a few months ago he broke up with her and stopped living with her because he couldn't take it. he's 17 so he was staying with her and her mom. He then went to living with his dad which he couldn't stand cause his father is childish. Anyway his crazy ex showed up and mustve convinced him she's changed so he's giving it another go. he told me theyre taking is slow but he's already moved back in with her.

He still loves me but says that his feelings for me have to be on hold while he stays loyal to the situation. he didn't say ex or girlfriend or her name, we usually refer to her by her name. What the f*** is the situation? is he just using her for a place to stay?


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  • I'm going to be blunt about this situation. This guy is selfish, and he's a user. There's always a "crazy ex", but why is he now living with her if she was so crazy in the past? This guy is exaggerating on how crazy she really is. And if she was so crazy, I don't think he would take another ride on that crazy train, unless he's getting something out of it. He's definitely using her for more than just a place to stay. And no way should you expect him to ever be faithful and committed to you. He's the type that will say anything to get what he wants. And I think he just wants to use you for what you can offer him.

    • but she's actually crazy. he used to live with his mom but got kicked out so he was forced to move in with her and he couldn't take it for longer than a month, then he moved in with his dad which he couldn't take. he broke up with her about 2 months ago but she came and found him at work and they talked and left on talking basis. fast forward a day and she's taking him to the dr and he thinks she's changed. she definitely has a facade on. plot twist he worked two jobs, one which is run by her mom.

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    • its a complicated situation..but he's worked for her/with her for years. hmm you speak sense, but matters of the heart rarely make sense.

    • I know, but he isn't using his heart, you are. Which is why you aren't looking at the reasons for his actions.

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