I don't know what to say to my boyfriend when he brings up his ex girlfriend?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for some time now. We talk about being serious however I'm so conflicted because he seems to bring up his ex alot.

His ex broke his heart and they both blocked each other but nowadays I feel constantly compared to his ex. He'll make little remarks like "she used to do that..." "we went there together..." today I showed him an outfit for a rave and he said I looked good in it, then proceeded to bring up the fact his ex was a gogo dancer.

I don't know what to say or do, I just didn't wanna come off as crazy and jealous. I'm not jealous at all, but I do feel tired of being compared to his ex. What should I do?


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  • Yes clearly not over her. And your wasting your time because your in his "healing" time process. He will always bring her up until he is single and has learned to care about himself and accept someone new in his life. Until he does that, he will always speak about her. I'm sad to say, but you are a rebound to him.


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  • When he brings her up next time I would just tell him that: ''I'm not really interested in your ex girlfriend and I would rather you kept this to yourself'' and change the topic. I wouldn't like my boyfriend to bring up his past relationships either: I didn't even like it when my boyfriend called his ex a bitch in front of me. I agree with u, it's not a jealousy issue, but we really don't need to know everything our friends/partners think.

  • Talk to him about it.

    "Hey, you know I don't want to come off as jealous or anything but lately you've been bringing up your ex for a while now. And I been bothering me and I feel like I'm being compared."

    How long has it been since they've broken up?

    'mshaker' could possibly be right but you're going to have to communicate your feelings with him.


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