''How come I've never seen you around?" Is he interested?

I just met this guy in my class. I feel like he likes me because although we just met last Friday, he was a bit chatty during class. I came across him again around during a class break, at the end of the same day. He tried to tell me something while I was walking but I heard him too late and I felt silly to come back. Around 5 PM, I was sitting with my friends not too far from the same area where I was in class, trying to figure out where to go out at night. He was walking in circles, wasting time because he had something planned a bit later at school. I talked to him a bit then too.

And today he sat next to me in class, although he could have sat pretty much anywhere. We only had one class break together (10 min) since it was a 2 hour class but he talked to me the whole time and after the end of class too. He tried to blame me for not having time to drink water since we had talked the whole time. He asked me ''How come I've never seen you around?". We talked in the hallway after class as well but a friend of mine wanted me to stay for a bit, so he left without saying bye. :(

I still don't know his name, but I think he knows mine. I had my agenda lying on my desk because I had just shown him my class schedule and I think I saw him turning to the first page, where my name and info are. He hasn't added me on Facebook though.


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  • Inthink he's just being friendly


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