Am I worrying over nothing?

Last week I went to my mom's house which is out of town. I spent the whole week there and I met this guy who does yard work for their house. He pretty much hung out every day of the week that I was there and we got to know each other quite a bit. I was instantly attracted to him even though he's a few years younger than me but while I was there, I wasn't sure what he thought of me. We had a good time together while I was there though. He begged me to come back more often so we can hang out. I said I would.

I left Friday night, and 2 hours after I left, I called my mom to tell her I made it home OK. She told me that the guy told her he really likes me. In fact he told her he was "in love with me." But then she said that he basically feels like he's not good enough for me (because he doesn't have a job or his own place). He told her he wants to get his act together so he can be a better man for me.

Last night, I asked my mom to tell him to call me because when I left him and I didn't exchange numbers or anything. It's been 24 hours and he hasn't called. I'm starting to worry he won't call and I don't know why. Do I need to chill out or should I call my mom back to see if she relayed the message to him?


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  • Your mother may not have relayed the message or he's nervous as f@#$ and is currently googling things to talk to you about. Perhaps asking your mother to ask him to text you could have eased his potential anxiety. It's entirely possible that he's busy as well.

  • Chill for now


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