Talk of moving in together, thoughts please?

I am feeling so confused and my guts are rolling! I am 42 in this relationship for a year! This summer July and August my boyfriend stayed over every thurs fri sat some Tuesdays never sun mon or wed! I get very used to him staying and then he is gone! He tells me he hates not going to bed with me and waking up and that he really misses me! I made a comment one day and said one day very soon we won't be apart at bedtime! He said he his ready just waiting for you! A few weeks later I said we could talk about it! He was all gung ho said is the end of the month too soon! I said that would be good! That was 10 days ago and he is spending the same amount of time away more actually! I don't want to rush him but why not be honest! He says he wants to be at work for 6am! Why can't he do that here? Then he tells me how much he misses me at night... But this is his choice? I feel when Thursday rolls around I don't want to be available and if I did that he'd say I guess you don't miss me then! At first I thought it was just Sundays but its not! My gut says another girl! Because if he meant the words he said wouldn't he have moved in? Thoughts please!


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  • My gut is the same as yours. Have him tailed by a PI.


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