Should I snoop on him?

I have my bf's email password, and I'm considering snooping as he has cheated on me in the past. We've been together for 3 years and he cheated on me about a year and a half ago. He Swore to me that he would never do it again, so I chose to forgive him and stay but I'm always curious as to what he's up to. Clearly the trust has been broken but its slowly coming back. Should I leave it alone and continue to move on, or should I take a quick peak?


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  • Its upto you. Now that you have his password, curiosity will always be there.

    The power is in your hands young grass hopper, either take the blue pill see how far the rabbit hole goes, or take the red pill, and act as if you never had the chance to peek.

    Its upto you.

    Personally, you should always trust your partner. I can see how he has hurt you in the past, and has cheated on you, so that clearly has ruined the trust you have for him. I don't know its upto you miss. It could be good news, or it could be very bad news to the point of destruction of your relationship with him. You will have to choose.

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    • Good grief! I'm honestly afraid I might see something that I don't want to, but if that's the case then it's probably better to know then continue on being played like an idiot. But then I'm also afraid that if I look and there's nothing there I'll be relieved of course but then I'll feel guilty for snooping! I better think on it for a bit! Thanks for your advice... :)

    • No don't feel guilty for snooping. how does that make you feel guilty? you have an insecurity that you need to surpass. Aka look, if there is nothing there, then you can 100% trust him again. If there is, then that's your decision on what has to be done in regards to this matter and relationship.

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  • Leave it alone.


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  • No. Honestly, if you're wanting to take a peek, there are still some part of you that isn't over the cheating yet. That's something you need to address


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