Should I dump my boyfriend?

Me &my boyfriend made it official a month ago after being friends 7 years at first he acted like he didn't care for the relationship I almost dumped him 2 times because of it,2nd time I was sure I was done wasting my time but I think he felt it and completely changed so I decided I had nothing to loose so gave him another chance.So things were great so great I had sex with him things were just fantastic we became closer than ever he would blow up my phone I love it!Now ever since last Thursday never says good morning,last night we hung out he didn't text me goodnight when I left his house like he always does.Dont get me wrong when we're together he's always showing his feelings way more than I show mine.but he went back to his old texting habits(he doesn't blow up my phone with text)btw I'm not a big texter but I do reply to his texts as much as I could,anyway its making me loose feelings for him because I feel like I don't matter to him actually starting to hate him lol


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  • it's normal, probably the honeymoon phase in the relationship is over. totally normal, relax!


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