I need help getting over my ex. It's so hard. Such a long ride. Help me?

so me and my ex broke up over a year ago. almost two years. well I loved her. more than anything. she was perfect in every way to me. we broke up and it was long and painful. it took me a year before I could even start dating again. before I could even think about another girl. I went to drugs and drinking. well its about to be two years. a girlfriend of myne well we broke it off. we somehow started talking about her. I've never forgotten her. well now all these things are happening. like things of hers are popping up. people are talking about her. I wake up thinking. I'm dreaming about her. its driving me nuts. and I just can't seem to get over her. please help me get over her. I can't stand this. the depression sucks. and I can't get help. please don't be offensive. and please get me some help.i thought I was over her for good. but now I'm questioning it.


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  • This is not going to be the answer you want to hear, but no one can fix what you're going through but you. Loving someone that doesn't love you back sucks, no matter what your age is. Being young (under 18?) probably makes it worse. You will get over her and years down the rode you'll look back and have a different perspective about the whole thing!

    Drugs and alcohol are depressants and only make reality feel worse after the buzz is gone. It's adding an addiction and making you feel more out of control than before. That's just adding fuel to the fire.

    There isn't a person alive who doesn't wish they could flip a switch and the pain and thoughts would be gone...but there isn't one. So here's where you have to put in some work. When the thoughts of her get in your thoughts you have to redirect your thoughts onto something else. We have a tendency to ruminate and wallow in the thoughts that cause us pain. We want to think about it without it hurting. Truly, it's hard as hell to shut those thoughts off, but only you can do that.

    Use this time to improve the direction your life s going and be ready for someone else who will value your love.

    Take care and know that it will get better!


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  • its normal to be upset when a relationship ends and you realize your not going to be with that person again. but you need to realize she was just one girl and there is other potential relationships out there . you can't spend your whole life worried about this failed relationship especially if it ended a couple years ago . I've been through similar things myself and had a hard time getting over certain girls but eventually life goes on and I meet someone else and realize things just didn't work out or weren't meant to be with other girl

    • ive done this as I said I thought I wa sover her. and I had mostly forgotten about her. but this. this is just torture. I mean I've realized this. I've done everything saw a therapist everything and I sjut can't seem to get ove rit.

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