What is up with this guy? Is he a narcissist?

I can't read him at all... we met online, we live a distance and so we've only seen each other in person a few times.

I find him attractive but do not like that he's in his late 20's and still lives at home, has ANY debt at all, and has no savings.

He will blow up my phone sometimes, wanting to chat, wanting to watch something on TV together and Skype or chat at the same time...

He really doesn't ask about me much. He used to be totally interested in who I was going out with, what I was up to, etc.

He will take a ton of photos of himself... and send them to me. Just of his face, being cute and all. I'm not much of a "snap chatter" and don't really send back pics of me. He will sometimes ask to see me.

I'll try to get comfortable and talk to him about an interest of mine but he doesn't seem to care.

He has been going out to his ex's a lot lately but everyone goes there. She is like a 3-4 on a scale of 1-10... and I'm I'd say an 8-9. Looks don't matter because I mean he dated her a long time and they at one point lived together. I just don't get him. Could he even find me out of his league? I find him so hard to read and even describing him goes from point A to point B rapidly. I guess I thought this was going to go somewhere.

But even in a friendship standpoint, he seems so much more interested in himself... we will Skype and this doesn't show like it does in our text messages.
Mentioning that I look better than her does not mean I am the narcissist. I'm sorry that ruffled your feathers, but what is wrong with that statement? I also find it interesting how quick you are to insult me.

Who knew that saying you are attractive is a bad thing...


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  • So what exactly is the reason to keep dating him? He sounds like he's not very responsible, still hanging with the ex, and semi interested in what you have going on. Why stick around when you don't have that much invested in the relationship in the first place?


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  • I agree with andizta. Why even bother? If your even half as good looking as you say then there are plenty of MEN out there with actual lives that will give you a real relationship. Drop it and move on.


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  • Youre the one who sounds like a narcissist haha, you look better than her? Ill find that hard to believe, if you stamp that attitude on top of your bodacious looks you can always find someone else right?

    Plus, he doesn't like YOUR cocky attitude, he's not interested in you.

    • This was an attack on me.

    • oh honey don't downrate me because I'm honest, he's obviously not interested in you.

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