Trying to get my ex to go to therapy. Do I ignore him?

I wrote this

hey, do you want to go to therapy together, not to get back together (we're the wrong person for each other) but to work through this mess so at least there won't be remaining hostility. she suggested it. I was like, we're not together, never was, we're not even dating, what's the point? but there might be something to be said about resolving things respectfully. I did care about you. lemme know. we can avoid latent residual resentment or anger. we're not asking you to change, you can continue being whoever you want to be...obviously, we haven't been able to talk it through between just us. I think I'm seeing her thurs. she's a nice middle aged woman, I quite like her.

To which he responded think I'm going to pass on the offer not my thing.

Do I ignore him or just write back it's OK I figured. What the hell is wrong with him? Why if he respond this way?


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  • Just ignore him. It seems like the session would really be for your benefit and not so much for him so he probably doesn't see the point in going. Even if it was for his benefit, some people don't believe in therapy to begin with, judging from his comment he's one of those people. If he doesn't want to go you can't force him. I'd just drop it.

    • i just want it to end. its' been off and on for two years, I never even see him, it's like once a month and then we'll have a period where we see each other often before it explodes. the problem is we've never sucessfully have broken up. I figured doing it in person would really help,

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    • i know that. obvs, I need someone to depend on. it's not about happiness. intrinsic happines needs to come from within.

    • It doesn't matter whether it's for happiness or other reasons, you shouldn't "need" anybody for anything in your life.

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  • No nothing is wrong with him.. 99% of guys would respond that way. Therapists aren't always right, and I think this is one of those cases.

    • haha, I love how all the ladies are freaking out and you're like nope it's normal

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    • thanks! well I would get so angry at him. he was like I'm done, my tolerance is gone and I haven't seen him since. it makes sense I was losing it

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  • he sounds insensitive, why even bother?

    • it bothers me, I feel like I need closure

    • The only person who can give you closure is yourself.

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