Why do big-tall guys like to pick up short girls for fun?

I'm an Asian 22 years old, 5'2 ft and 128 lbs. I have some guy friends, and some of them are big and tall. Some of them were like 6'3 ft 190 lbs, which obviously bigger than me. We like to hang out together to the beach or somewhere outdoor, with some girls too but still I'm the shorthest but not the lightest. Last month, when we went to the beach, when I was trying to lotion my skin, one ran closer to me, then picked me up on his shoulder and threw me into the water. And sometimes before, when we visited one of our friend's farm back in her hometown, the other one of them suddenly approached me from my back, then picked me up in his arms and carried me to the chickens (which I'm terrified of) and said that he would drop me down if I wouldn't sit still in his arms. They did that quiet often to me, but0 never to the other (taller) girls and they laughed out loud at me together. I'm not their girlfriend or their sister or have special love relationship, we're just bunch of crazy friends lol. I wonder why they like to do that childish thing? Well, it does makes me feel bad, like short girls can't defend themselves, etc. Don't you think it's a little bit weird when guys did that?or is it just normal?thanks.


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  • its playful but its also flirting !

  • I am 6'6" 269lbs so I am all set with trying to bag some 5' 80lb girl.


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