A guy who probably likes 2 girls at once? help!

me and my crush has been best friends for some time now, I'm pretty sure he has feelings for me, like he holds my hands, hugs me, lean on my shoulder blablabla but I didn't reciprocate that much.

but then now he's been looking for this other girl for some time now, he's ALWAYS looking for her, and sometimes even speak about her.

but then I started to get aggressive on my part, I texted him for casual conversation, and his reactions were great. I purposely put my legs to brush his, he didn't move away, even drew his legs closer. he distracted me and then hugs me when I was not looking. we agreed to ride the bus together, but then he insisted that we should walk by foot (it was really far). and then he made an entire fashion collection (we are fashion students) with illustrations of girls who looks exactly like me, AND with my style of clothing. (this collection is going to be on a stage that is very important for both of us).

am I wrong about his feelings for me? does he likes the other girl? should I move on? help! :(


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  • He's allowed to like more then one person

    He's still figuring things out


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