If you were diggin a girl but had planned to move...........

Just wanted some input on how guys think. I have this guy friend that has turned into a pretty intense attraction. He's getting ready to move down to Mexico in 3 wks and just told me he loves me and that he doesn't want the anchor to sink any further or he may not go. I'm figuring he will go as I do want him to with his buddy to do some fishing and surfing. But I know he's digging me way harder than he wants. What goes through a guys head when they dig a girl but know that they're leaving, but spreads it on thick before he leaves. Does it cross his mind that he could lose me, will I be on his mind a lot while he is gone. How do men handle such emotions? Would you consider not going at all or know that you would be back for her?
what goes through a guys head leaving a girl behind?


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  • Depends...

    I once held myself back from moving for a woman because I was in love with her. It wasn't worth it, honestly -- you can't give up your dreams for someone else.

    Nowadays, I'm kind of terrified of the thought of falling in love with someone because I move around a lot. If I did, it'd be bittersweet -- I know I'd be glad I loved her, and had the chance to feel that way for someone, but I would only be slightly tempted to stay for her, and it'd be squashed pretty quick.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's ready to lose you

    He's OK with that it seems like


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