Are these signs that she wanted to bring our friendship to next level?

We have known each other for 2 months now, she appeared to be more proactive lately and display the following traits -

1) She enquire about my past relationship and asking possibility of reconcile with my ex-gf.

2) I would text her from morning till sleep time and our conversations consist of future plans, flirting emoticons. Even at times that I did not text her on that particular day, she would proactively greeted me goodnight.

3) I planned several activates and invited her. She mentioned that she would only turn up if there is no other people except myself.

4) Lately, she kept updating me about other guys approaching her and wanting to know her, other suitors trying to chase her. But she claimed that she find them weird.

5) She shared about her readiness to go into another relationship. She started to provide more information about herself; what she likes to eat during our meetup and etc.

When I told her that she caught my attention and I wanted to seize the opportunity to chase her. She claimed that we should befriend each other and know each other first.

Just to seek feedback, Is it a indirect rejection? Am I misinterpreting her actions?
Latest update - I have being trying to maintain my cool whenever I have conversation with her. Just this instance, she brought up the issue of guys following her, wanting to get her number. I'm staring to lose my interest as she bragged too much about herself.


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  • Personally I think it sounds like she likes you, but there is something that is off. There is a possibility of her just being a flirt. I know from experience. I am a terrible flirt and guys will sometimes fall for me when I have no intention of going out with them. It makes me feel like a horrible person, but it happens. Most of the time I can't tell I'm doing it either... but again that's only a possibility.

    The other thing is that maybe she isn't ready, but she wanted to get to know and become friends first. It is really strange because it sounds like she really likes you. Well I hope this helps :)

    I would say just wait a few days and maybe try to bring it up with her again... and say hey I kind of like you and I'm not sure if I'm getting mixed signals, but I thought we kind of had this spark. I mean what do you have to lose, right?

    Good Luck my friend :)


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  • From what I read, I feel like this girl is interested in you. When she asks about your past, she's trying to get a feel of where you're heart is. Texting you when you haven't text her is a good sign. Personally, I don't like that she won't come to any activities unless it's just you and her. For me that's not a good sign. Don't you want someone that can have fun and enjoy themselves amongst friends or at least be open to meeting new people? Her telling you about other guys approaching her etc. is her trying to brag in a way. Trying to maybe make you jealous or let you know that she has many options and is very desirable to many men. It may or may not be true however. Saying that you both should continue as friends first and get to know each other first may be her way of trying to play hard to get. From the other clues you gave I'd say that's what it is but it could also mean that she doesn't want to get physical too fast and wants to date you more, one on one. If I were you, I'd ask her out on a date and see what happens. I do have a feeling though that she's not very confident in herself deep down and likes guys chasing her because it makes her feel better about herself. Don't let her use you! Be smart about it. If anything, do the same things she does to you and see how she reacts? Good luck!

  • Ok that's weird. If you've been talking for 2 months how much longer are you supposed to wait to start dating. I might, emphasis on might, make one more ditch effort to go on a date. Doesn't mean your an item or anything. If she turns you down again I'd move on. Either she's in a relationship, wants to be in a relationship with someone else or just plain crazy.

  • Move on, there's something off about her. No guy wants to hear about all the men a woman has in her life she's a bitch.


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