I'm no longer Mr.Angry but becoming Mr.Sentimental help!


im 7 weeks into a horrible breakup. my ex basically destroyed the relationship with a few acts of horrific selfishness that has smashed the relationship. the first 5 weeks of the break up me and my ex tore each other to shreds at every chance we got until we agreed to no contact. after 2 weeks of nc my anger at he has gone which is making it harder to get over her. I'm starting to dwell on the good time we had and the ones we'll never have. the thing is I don't want her back I don't regret ending it and I know that she's a horrible person but these thoughts are really stopping me.

this is my first break up so I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but is what I'm feeling a natural reaction and will it fade in time?



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  • I am sorry that you feel this way. Sometimes people say mean things and don't mean them, but since you are missing her do you think maybe you might possibly want to work it out? See if the two of you can talk as friends by simply being nice to one another and what happens from there. It makes me feel better knowing that a man does miss his ex without contact though lol sorry

    • Ha it's ok! We're beyond working it out because she can't stay faithful and I know I deserve someone better. The thing is I can handle missing her if I know it'll pass in time. Your right about people saying mean things tho, I don't think anything should be taken to heart when it's said in the aftermath of a break up!

    • Lol that's very true! Well if it's beyond getting together, and cheating will do it, write down everything about her that makes you angry, even if it's mental notes. Stay angry at her and whatever you do remember you deserve better! It will pass, but since she did the damage it is still gonna get to you because I'm sure you are wondering why she would do that. So there's no closure. I'm hoping that my ex will eventually start missing me after some time apart.

    • Believe me your ex will be missing you, especially if your doing nc. Yeah I've got a mental list and its keeping me going! Well that and working out and kickboxing anytime I get too caught up in my thoughts! Breakup a suck tho right? But still the good times in the relationship were worth it.

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  • So worth it! That's why it's so hard right now for me...it's only been 4 days lol but he said we could be friends but nothing more. We only broke up because I was tired of apologizing for things I didn't say. He would twist it around. I just don't believe he means it's over because we broke up Monday and Sunday he was all loving on me. We never fought. I hope he will text me eventually. :/ we really always had so much fun. Always affectionate even the morning of our break.


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