Was This Flirting or..?

At prom I met Tim. He was my best friend's date. They were there as friends (he's like a brother to her). I was my best friend's friends date as he'd no one last-minute. We'd a limo together. Tim and I hit it off instantly. We knew nobody at prom, so we stuck together while our dates talked with friends. When it was time for pics,he told me not to worry as I'd a gorgeous smile. After, the four of us sat at a round booth. When there was something funny (like a guy with a horrible tie), Tim'd tap my leg with his to get my attention, but he didn't do this with Mary. He kept winking at me when he made jokes. He chose to sit next to me rather than Mary. Mostly, it was like we were the only two people there. Later a girl came over and said hi. He said hi back and she left. It was weird as he said he knew nobody there. During dinner we were the same, and after our dates when for a drink. He asked me to dance so I did. Later the four of us were together from then on, dancing and talking. For about 20 - 30 min during prom, Tim disappeared. I saw him with the girl he'd said hi to. He came back and explained to Mary where he was. I was dancing and didn't hear him. At the last song, Tim and I danced and sang together. At the end of the song he shook my hand? What the...

We were last out of prom, walking alone laughing. He offered to carry my bag. I let him. A worker at the venue asked was I drunk enough to find him attractive yet (a joke). We both laughed and went along with it. On the bus he sat with Mary (she saved him a seat). I sat with Bob two rows ahead. During the ride Tim checked if I was okay, made a joke comment thing (it's a funny Irish pick up line) which basically said I looked good and when the seat behind me was free he moved to it (I was in front of him and Mary behind). It was cold when we got off the bus. He offered to take my bag again, but holding it close kept me warm so I declined. He offered myself and Mary his jacket (we said no but thanks). He took it off and put it around me. It caught in my hair so he took it off incase it hurt me and gave it to Mary. We all laughed and talked as we walked down the road, and when we got a taxi he offered to pay for it. Obviously we didn't let him but still. As I got out of the taxi he said something about getting my number, but Mary was talking at the same time so I didn't catch what they said. I said bye and that was it.

I added him on Facebook. He's been 'in a relationship' for 12 days, but when we (the group) talked about relationships he never said anything about a girlfriend. He said him and his ex were broken up a while, but nothing about a new girl! I looked at her picture and she was the girl at the prom!

I think it's weird that he seemed so into me with his girlfriend there. And he said he knew nobody there throughout the night but his girlfriend was there. Surely it would have come up in conversation that they were both going to the same prom? So do you think he liked me?
I suppose you guys are right.. But he was the most charming gentleman that I've ever met! I don't think he's really a jerk... :/


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  • He was flirting with you but he is clearly a jerk and just likes to move from girl to girl. I would avoid him, but I know you aren't going to do that... *sigh*


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  • as hamlet would say: "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark", or in other worlds: if you want to get hurt, go for it!


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