Women supposedly want SMART/INTELLIGENT MEN, but get butthurt or complain once they cheat ?

Whats your opinion about this? You wanted one in the first place and you find out that he cheated/cheats on you but he is so smart that he always seems to win your heart backor something. Lol well you get the point, so something like that. What is your opinion about this psychological fact ?


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  • it seems to me you are getting smart mixed up with manipulative. I am of above average intelligence, but I don't cheat when I'm in relationships.

    the guys that do things like that aren't necessarily smart, but they are clever and a**holes.

    • Thats what I really meant lol. Thanks for clarifying that because your statement makes more sense !

    • no problem, I'm here to help as best I can.

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  • My opinion that girls/women can be contradictory and don't know what they truly want?

    I have no opinion, really, only feelings. Feelings of disappointment, sympathy, and frustration.

  • Easy, she is co dependency issues , or abandonment issues or just crazy. Unlikely the guy is so smart, more like she is boundless.

  • Only smart men cheat?

    • Not all and I didn't mean it in that way. As futureSURGEON stated, that's what I really meant

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  • What? Are you saying only intelligent men cheat? Because I disagree with that statement

    • No. If you read the comments on the BA to this question, then you'd know that I misunderstood what I was saying and that he clarified it correctly.

    • Ah. That happens because they did not realize the men were crafty and s,y when they met them. It's the same for women

    • Unfortunately it is, and it sucks that there are even people like that

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