Is it possible that my ex is still in love with me?

One of my ex girlfriends, and I went to a movie last night. We had not seen one another for almost a year, and had kept somewhat in contact throughout the last year. We sent e-mails back to one another from one month to another. Nothing much in-between, and then she asked me out to a movie.

The movie went as it should with any friend. We walked out talking about it, and then I walked her to her car. As we arrived at her car, we talked for a while. I didn't bring up bad past experiences, but just asked about some of the things that were going on in her life that she had started the year prior. She answered, and was surprised that I remembered so much.

The conversation continued for a while; as I expected, because we were both wanting to catch up. Making sure to not make things awkward, or anything of that sort. I mainly just listened, and made sure to not subject myself to asking anything unnecessary.

Throughout the conversation, she mentioned times to where her friends asked about me, times of our past, and then onto guys she dated in-between. It didn't bother me at all; as it's quite reasonable that should of course date soon after.

She complained of men, and thus making comments about relationship that made me look good. It wasn't extremely obvious, but throughout the entire conversation. There were a multitude of points to which made me seem as if I was the better ex.

The conversation went on, and she showed me her past years experiences via her phone. It turned into a show, and tell for a while, but it did not bother me. As we continued, it was obvious that the bad parts of myself that were a breaking point in our relationship before. Were no longer on the horizon, and now non-existent.

I had spent the last year bettering myself for many personal reasons, and made sure to become better than who I was then, and even more so than who I am today. But, throughout all of this. It seems as if she had been checking up on me, and taking notice to the changes.

My instinct says to tread lightly as something may be amiss, but a friendship with her wouldn't be such an issue. Though I'm thinking it's quite possible for just a friendship. Do you think it's even possible with the possible variables in play?


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  • For the one year she has gone through, she might have changed into a different person. I can give you hopes and say, take things slowly and see if something will progress and maybe it's best to remain friends. She's also just wants a friend like you to complain to. I insist you to be friends and know her better. You may seem there's nothing there by looking at the pictures, but the more you hang out and listen to her stories, you will get emotional again. Make sure to choose the right deciSion. I'm a girl and I know sometimes we need a little attention. Plus, you're convenient to her. Good luck and take care.

  • Yes of course. Take it slow and build up the feelings again.


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