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My ex and I have been broken up for about 3yrs and we have been in contact for about a year now. Well he has a girlfriend now, however he's upset with me. And he asked me what do I want and I told him. Tell me that I am not what you want and you are truly happy. He said he wasn't telling me sh*t because I can't keep my word. What is the real answer people even though he has a gf?
  • That I AM what he wants and he is just pissed.
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  • That I AM NOT what he wants and he is just pissed.
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  • Other if so explain
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  • If he wants you...why doesn't he break up with her and be with you? It should be that simple, especially if he knows you want him.

    The relationship didn't work out for a reason...so it sounds likes he's playing some stupid game with you. Find someone who wants to be with you and doesn't leave you questioning his thoughts or motives. Take care!


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  • You still want him three years later?


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