Contacting my ex for giving her my old phone?

We broke up a week ago, pretty much mutual and she agreed on giving me some space (she wanted a little contact like asking each other about how the other was doing once in a few days).

We plan on getting back together as soon as when I've gotten my life back on track (I was just depressed and wasn't treating her nicely because of it). Chances are we won't get back together ofc so I want to handle this right.

So I told her to at least not have contact this week... but I planned on contacting her near the end of next week. Would it be stupid if I contacted her now because I'm getting a new phone and asking if she wants my old one (loads better then hers) or would it show her I'm thinking of her (which she would appreciate I think).

I do owe her some money because we bought a tablet together which she regretted afterward (and technically because I get to keep it).

Also, I do feel a looooot better about myself right now (except for missing her), and feel like I've figured a lot out already (I know weird but trust me on this one) and I would only tell her about the phone and nothing (much) more.


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  • If you think that she doesn't want to hear from you for a while you should give it more time but if you think she would like to hear from you and have the phone then go ahead.

    If you haven't treated her well in the past I don't think you should try to reconnect until you are sure within yourself that you are ready to be caring and respectful towards her- best of luck to both of you!


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