Made plans to hang out for third time, then she went MIA. What should I say to her?

So we've been talking for about four months. She just came back to the area for school and we went out immediately. Then we went to the movies one night.

So we've been out twice. I asked if she wanted to watch a movie together and she said "yeah, can you come to my dorm for it?" I said yes and we made plans for the next weekend. During the week she's texting me saying cutsie things and mentioning she hopes to see me come the weekend.

So Friday rolls around and I text her just confirming plans for the next day and she hits me with "I have a lot of homework but If make a big enough dent I'll be free."

Come to today (Saturday). I ask her what time she might be ready , if she can still make it, and she responds with "I just don't know yet, still doing work. Maybe at night, if at all" So it's 7pm right now and I haven't heard anything from her. Haven't even heard a definitive No yet, or a yes. I've seen her posting things on Facebook and what not, but hasn't gotten back to me.

We had these plans for a week, so more than being disappointed at not seeing her, I'm a bit upset that she would just stop responding and not give me a definitive answer. Does she expect me to keep waiting all night for her response? What should I say to her?


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  • It's a tough situation. I've gone through something similar, but I knew this girl tended to be flaky when I asked her out to do things, so I didn't dwell on it too much when she'd come up with other things. I'd say give her the benefit of the doubt for now, and just go do something else for the night. If she's sincerely busy, the fact that you didn't sit around all night waiting on her will probably make her feel better about not making it, while you can also get your mind off worrying if she's just not interested or trying to drop signs.

    Just tell her to focus on her hw, and maybe lead into asking if something is available tomorrow or during the week, but be playful about it. It never hurts to tease a little bit and lighten things up.


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