Can't get over my ex, even though I've dated about 15 girls since we broke up. What is wrong with me?

It's been like a month, and I've hooked up with like 2-3 girls a week, but I can't get over my ex.

It sounds stupid and I know it's stupid to but I keep thinking about what we could have had and the future etc... stupid because that's not even real, it never existed and doesn't exist!

But I keep thinking how great she was and all that stupid stuff...

Anyways I find out she's now in a relationship and so I decided to go out again with some girl and it's a great distraction, I don't think about her when I'm with other women... but now that I'm alone... I'm thinking about HER...

What the f*** is wrong with me?!?!
She ended it with me. We were only going out for a month.. for me that's a long time. It was actually an old friend ..hadnt seen her in like 10 years.

Basically when we talked she said she had made up her mind and that I did a lot of things to push her away..she was cool with me dating other people even though she wasnt...but she couldn't deal w it anymorew everything else.

She already made up her mind. I tried to get her back. I gave her her space but she just jumped str8 into a relationship!
Should I try to forget about her completely... no contact?

F*** it's weird to say but I miss her when I'm not with other women. When I'm with other women I don't think about her... but I know it's just a distraction...


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  • sometimes its not about how many girls you can get its about who you are.

    try to redefine yourself. things that interest you, the happiness within by yourself rather than with other girls.

    once you know what happened to your last relationship and will be better with the next.

    give yourself more time, do other activities.

    took me more than 9 months and I have to deal w. my ex. almost daily for the rest of my life. we were together over 10 yrs.

    now I am happy for him and I don't even want to be w. him anymore even though he is my love of my life and all that...

    i am happy within...

    you will be okay at the end and more mature about things


    • Thank you... I believe I'm searching for something I don't know what though...I stopped meditating a few months ago. She was an anchor for me... very spiritual and in tune with her consciousness...maybe I was just trying to use her as a crutch when I need to look for that within myself...

    • give yourself time. No contact helps

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  • Doesn't matter how many girls you go through. If you aren't over her, no girl will be able to make you forget about her. That's something only time and motivation can fix. Instead of hooking up with random girls (which, by the way, can only cause extra unnecessary drama) focus on yourself and what you want and expect from the future now. Give it some time, don't try to force it. The more you try to force it, the harder it will be to actually forget about her.

    • Should I try to forget about her completely... no contact?

      F*** it's weird to say but I miss her when I'm not with other women. When I'm with other women I don't think about her... but I know it's just a distraction...

  • How do you know the relationship she jumped into wasn't because you were hooking up with so many other girls? This is why I don't think hooking up or dating is the best thing to do when you aren't over somebody!

  • -.- really bro would you have been okay if she was with other guys will being in a relationship with you no you wouldn't of; you miss her because she didn't set rules/ limiters she let you do your thing while she did hers . You had a girl who let you do your own things with out rules or limiters , and you were selfish that's what's wrong with you. Next time don't be selfish !

    Learn from this experience and don't make the same mistake twice

  • Who broke up first? did you try to win her back when you guys broke up?

  • It's because you can lift bro


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  • "Hooking up" with 2-3 girls a week all the while fresh off a heartbreak you are clearly suffering? Who you think you fooling brother? Unless you are talking escorts, I think you are full of it. Any chick with 1/2 a brain can sniff that sh*t out dude - especially at your age, if anything you might get a pity f*vck but lets not act like you are just killing it out there like some hard ass PUA or something - that's a bruised ego play and I ain't buying it.

    That aside, one month post heartache is really quite fresh and what you describe is very normal. These things take time. There is a rule of thumb I agree with - it takes a minimum of one month for every year you were involved. Ex: 6 year relationship, give yourself 6 months to get over it before trying to get back in the saddle.

    if you go about chasing tail without allowing yourself to go through the natural grieving process - you aren't doing anyone any favors - especially yourself.

    • Actually down from 5-7 a week. I chat up people anywhere. Yesterday I pulled a number while I was on a date. It feels that moment. But some weeks I honestly don't even feel like talking to new people. Or I'll pull a bunch of numbers and decide to just delete them all.

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