Crazy in love but hazardous to mental health?

I'll try to keep this as short as possible, my girlfriend and I seem to getting on each others' nerves lately:

1. together for one yr

2. she found texts from a girl I was flirting with when I was drunk months ago

3. I think she told her coworkers about it so now they seem to be talking sh*t about me. understandable I kno, but I'm not gonna let them do it behind my back anymore

4. I now seem to be her 2nd and 3rd choice person to hang out with on weekends, she gets out at 10-11pm btw

5. I recently lost my job so I feel she's becoming bored with me even when she denies it

6. I tell myself this relationship is not working so I back off, then she cries and apologizes to me

7. she claims because of her I.U.D. that her period makes her emotions super crazy

8. sex is great, when we're together everything is great

9. she's 8 years younger than me

10. she's taller than me and kind of ditsy lol

11. on the verge or breaking up once, we reconciled and become inseparable for a while

so its like we're completely in love when we're together, then just acquaintances when we're apart.
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  • IMO

    Too much drama. I say curb her. Then - work on getting a job. Having steady income is more important than having a drama queen girlfriend.

    BTW #7 sounds like a load of horsesh*t. My ex wife had an IUD. Its a plastic device that prevents a zygote from imbedding in the uterus. Never did that thing result in emotional instability in her. That sounds like an excuse she hopes you believe in order to rationalize her bullsh*t.

    Look - majority of your relationships aren't going to work out. That's just a fact of life. It doesn't mean its a waste of time or anything, there are always lessons to learn for pro or con. But from what you say, sounds like things have run its course to the point you just annoy each other.

    Also - if you are 25-29 and she is 8 years younger...she is probably close to teenage aged? You aren't going to marry this one anyway. I think you probably already know that. If you are questioning mental health at this point (before marriage even) that IMO is a major indicator you aren't with the right girl.

    • Wow dude. I think your telling me what my brain has been all along lol. Excellent advice, I really appreciate it

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  • Voted B - but only by a hair; I'm not entirely convinced myself.

    You must have been unsatisfied somehow beforehand if you were text-flirting with someone else? Plus she's still so young, I think it takes some level of maturity to understand adult male sexuality, and where girlfriends fit in that picture.

    The only reason I would tough it out is because there's so much passion. You only experience highs when there are lows lurking around somewhere. Maybe there's a healthy middle ground somewhere down the track, when things settle down and get a bit more mundane. lol.


What Guys Said 1

  • Drama drama drama dude. I wouldn't even deal with it.


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