What makes an ex girlfriend incredibly difficult to forget?

What makes an ex girlfriend incredibly difficult to forget?

For example, what qualities did you most value and that whenever you thought about her, these qualities/experiences/thoughts comes up and makes it difficult to forget about her?
  • She was incredibly beautiful
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  • She was extremely sweet/nurturing
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  • She was very compatible with me
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  • She and I had great sexual chemistry
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  • When I looked into her eyes, and she looked into my eyes with all her affection radiating from her eyes into mine which then settled into my heart. There ain't any forgetting of such a magical, mystical, spiritual feeling. I see her eyes and face in my mind every time I wake up, before I sleep , every time I visit a place we used to hang out, our favorite songs that we listened to together, those serene moments we spent together cuddled up. It's been 4 years and I still haven't been able to let her go from my mind.

    She was the prettiest girl, but it was her gentle smile, Gleaming eyes and heart melting love and affection which I valued most. I don't know whether this can ever be replaced.

    • Efiing beautiful!

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    • such a beautiful comment. we all want to be thought of that way and the fact that you can say all of that after a breakup is just so special and touching.

    • Well I loved her for good reasons. And the break up proved that I loved her in a good way. And that makes me happy and satisfied.

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What Guys Said 5

  • Can you forget your ex(es) ?

    I think you can move on, but forgetting, no.

    Wanting to be incredibly difficult to forget, though, sounds like bitterness, in my opinion. If you are not with someone anymore, you should hope they will find someone. Not hope they will never forget you.

  • there is some girls you don't forget and some you do as to the reasons its tough to tell . obviously the more time spent together the harder to forget someone . it also to might be harder if there was something special about her or you did things together that you didn't do with other girls

  • Where is all of above option ?

  • The girlfriend who we just broke up I just really had feelings for her, she was beautiful, I was her first kiss, just everything about her and honestly one of the first times we kissed I just got a feeling that I never got before it was that electric feeling the feeling of me holding her and her hands on my shoulders all of that it's just those little things the way she made conversation about awkward shit just everything about her man how she looked into my eyes how she felt in my arms I've had a lot of kisses and I've banged a couple girls but the feeling I had from just being with her I've never had before and I don't know if I'll ever have again.

  • Every ex holds a piece of your heart. Even if you move on, there was something that you liked or even loved about them so you will never forget. Often, you will reminisce and take a stroll down memory lane.

    Sometimes we wish things turned out differently because you realize that perhaps it could have worked out if the timing, distance, maturity level, life experiences, priorities, etc. were different. Looking back is the worst for me because I simply wish I had known better.

    That's the hardest part- to know that it could have been great if you weren't so foolish or selfish.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think it honestly all comes down to the way you made them feel.

    In a society where most females have let go of morals and integrity, it is important to be trusted. It's crucial to truly be that diamond in the rough if you want to be remembered.

    Guys may remember a girlfriend who was always loving, caring, affectionate, loyal, supportive - supported them when times were rough, has their back, has their best interest, goes out of her way to make them feel special and make sure they have what they need, and someone who overall has given them a majority of positive memories and experiences.

    "People may forget what you said, but they'll ALWAYS remember how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou


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