Ex boyfriend still has feelings for me but not enough, tips how to make them stronger?

So I heard through friends (and noticed myself) that he still has feelings for me. we've been apart for a month and one week now. We talked (5 days ago) and he said if the sparks would come back he would come back if not he won't, but I'm not stupid I know they can't come back like they were before. But the feelings he has can become stronger..

In our conversation it kind of seemed like he wants me back, but also didn'treally know what to do. what he wants,

anyways I'm talking normaly to him, it;s actually really hard. He wanted to talk again, on a way like before our relationsship. just normally.

I never knew what it was he fell in love with from me. So the best I can do is just be myself. (I also apologied in that conversation for the things I did wrong)

Is there anything else I can do to make his feelings for me stronger? I just don't know what to do anymore. I really miss him and it's really hard to keep that sort of things in.

we talk through Facebook and whatsapp but it's not really handy, face to face doing stuff together would be a better chance than this, but maybe do you guys know anyrhing that will help me, tips do's and don'ts?

thank you


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  • Be solid and show him that you can take care of yourself without him. But don't play any games with him either. With my ex, I'm kind of in that boat. We behaved together like we were a couple, right down to being cuddly with one another while hanging out. We talk on an emotional level and things really seemed to be going in a way that would make our relationship stronger, even though we're still broken up. I recently had to put my foot down with him, though, and let him know that I wasn't okay with just handing him all of that like I give that level of myself to just anybody. He reacted to me stirring the pot and actually telling him no, by not responding to his texts right away. Of course I still worry that I've done something to mess everything up, but I think the main thing is that he is now realizing I am not the easy choice and he actually has to fight for me. I think it's important to do things that show your worth. So your situation might be different, but make sure you let this guy know you are valuable and I think that will help boost your situation.


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