Was I wrong for getting irritated at my friend for making a sexual joke when he knows I have a boyfriend?

This friend of mine is an ex. Honestly, I can't stand him. The only reason I talk to him occasionally is because he has no one else to talk to (or so he says). I told him right away that I have a boyfriend and future husband that I love very much and that if he thought we would ever be together again, he was very wrong. He said that he accepted that and that he respected my relationship. I've been feeling rather sick lately and my ex made a comment like "Too bad I pulled something in my neck or else I'd seduce you to make you feel better." When he said that, I was pissed. I told him that what he said wasn't funny and that it was out of line. I said that joke or not, if some girl said that to my boyfriend, I'd be angry as hell and that I know my boyfriend would act the same. I told my ex to never say anything like that again because I refuse to let some stupid little "joke" cause issues in my relationship. He acted like he didn't see what was wrong with it. He said if I can't take a joke than he shouldn't text me. I told him it's not okay to joke about something like that and it seemed like he didn't respect my relationship. We haven't talked since then.


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  • No you weren't wrong, I'm the same way too. In all honesty you should of probably just stopped talking to him there and then even though you probably feel sympathy for him cause he has no one to talk to. Sooner or later he'll find someone to talk to when you leave him alone.

  • he has no one else to talk to,= are you his mother ? When it's over it's over. We haven't talked since then = keep it that way and move forward.


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