Unsure of her interest? Not normal examples....

So I work with a girl I've known for a while and yes we have bantered/fell out/argued over silly things but we still never let it affect anything...

However in the last couple of weeks it seems something may be changing in the air, as I said we have always bantered (infact she only banters me) and most of the banter is centred on my looks ie 'you think you're all that etc' and half the time I can't work out if its bordering on being nasty...anyway so we have begun to playfight and/or tug at each others clothes or she will slap my arm or something (it is lighthearted).

1.A few more things she is doing> if there's a group of us talking she will bring me up in convo. The other day I came back from lunch to see she drew a really weird caricuture or me. We were all talking together and having a laugh and all of a sudden she says "omg you really think you're so hot don't you?" I'm like, huh?

2. If I'm talking she will sit purpendicular to me (so she is facing my side but she will be on her phone etc), the other day she went to do something and I grabbed her hand and I was holding it a good few seconds and she never pulled away.

3. She has begun to ask who I'm dating and wanting to see pictures and/or "do you like her?"...also because she knew I used to like her, she keeps saying "you can't deny you like this face, if I had said YES to you then you wouldn't even be seeing these girls now"

4. When we talk she looks at my lips and also she stares at my cheek/beard for a long while?

Does she like me?


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  • Well, if she does like you she is acting very childish about it. I tend to be a very playful person when I'm around a guy I like too. I will usually tease a little, if I feel comfortable with him, but never to the point that I would hurt his feelings. She seems to be taking it to a new level...to me it sounds like she's a little jealous and doesn't know how to process it so she teases you roughly.

    To be honest this could go two ways:

    1) she could be really attracted to you and doesn't know how to go about it so she does what is comfortable, which is teasing you. It makes her feel in control of the situation and gives her the advantage of being close to you. Asking about the other girls is a total jealousy thing too.

    2) She's a *itch and is just messing with you.


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  • I think she's seeking attention from you. As for the bantering, I thinks it sort of shows "inferiority complex" issues. I mean why else would she ever say such things? It might be her way of teasing you, and if it truly is, she's...weird.

  • yes.

    • lately she keeps saying "you like this face still" and "hmm see if we went out now we will clash"...like totally randomly, I'm assuming she is hinting something?

    • She's desperately dropping hints for you to ask her out

  • ummm yea, she likes you. lol.

    • why does she look at my face(cheek/hair) when I talk to her, as opposed to my eyes etc. its like she studying me?

    • she's probably very much attracted to you. lol I'm into art, and sometimes it's hard for me to not look at certain people because something about their face draws my eyes. When someone likes someone, they feel the need to study their features. It's because they like that person so much, that every feature is interesting to them.

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  • Has she ever initiated touch?

    • she hits my arm all the time, or if I wind her up she will push me lol.

    • Ha ha...sounds good. That would be a good sign as long as she isn't a touchy feely type of person.

  • Two possibilities here:

    1) She's not interested, and she's deliberately wasting your time. (She obviously knows you like her.)

    2) She is interested, but she's off her rocker.

    Either way, count yourself lucky that you two have never dated.


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