We were sitting on his couch and halfway through it he got up and moved to the chair, what is going on?

Ok so basically I like this guy right ik typical teenage girl question but we live a few blocks away from each other and we've hung out twice once last Saturday and one the Saturday before last Saturday. So we hung out on the Saturday that was a few days ago. And the one before that. And we have one class together, it's Latin. It's an all girls school and an all boys school they're our brother school we have some classes with them. He has his elective with a girl named Cameron and she wishes they were a thing obviously apparently after the first time we hung out he went to this school ice skating thing and they held hands and skated I don't know I'm not bothered by it that much she just won't shut up. Anyways we hung out for EIGHT HOURS on Saturday and he walked me home from his house, which again is just a few blocks away, both times but he would give me a hug and walk back to his house. I know he talks to a lot of girls, and I don't think I'm special..but I don't know I just want and outsiders opinion I guess.

Whenever we hang out we play ping pong and watch movies and play Mario kart heeh. But he's never really tried anything like last time we were sitting on his couch and halfway through it he got up and moved to the chair and was like you can take your shoes off and get comfortable and I don't know I did but I just don't know.


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  • He felt uncomfortable 'cause of his girlfriend. Maybe he just felt like it got close to something. Might be just him over thinking, or actually feeling like you (both) were up to something, so he moved away to try and calm down.

    Or maybe he got hard and didn't want you to notice :P That's a possibility too...


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