I'm just going to keep on with the poker face and hope I can move on, what to do?

After getting really serious with this dude (exclusive for 8 months), he ended it with me...kind of. Let me also add that he has told his close friend that he loves me, had taken me to have dinner with his parents, drove 3 hours to visit me for a night this summer, and so many more things that prove the opposite of what he tried to tell me.

When he sat me down to have this conversation, he basically said he didn't like me and didn't want to complicate this club we are both in... he showed me this note that he apparently typed 3 WEEKS before this conversation, saying how badly he wanted to get out of the town he's been living in for his entire life. Never once did he mention anything about me holding him back.

It's been about a month now. Unfortunately we have to see each other everyday, and he looks sad and disconnected. I do my best to act fine and I even went on a date recently (not rubbing it in his face). After sending some regretful drunk texts, I apologized a few days later and he said to be careful with the drinking because he cares about me. But didn't you say you didn't like me?

Yesterday after a meeting, I hung back to finish up some notes and he remained in his chair. Everyone else had already left and I assumed he wanted to try and talk to me. He was definitely looking at me but I put some earbuds in and started some music. He remained there a little longer, not even trying to catch my attention. Then he left, as he went down the stairs, he purposely yelled to the group if anyone wanted to go to the bar. Clearly throwing it in my face.

So what the f***? Any advice? I'm not trying to get him back. He clearly has intimacy issues. I'm just going to keep on with the poker face and hope I can move on.

P.S. This sounds lame but I love him and I always will... we talked about that when he initiated the conversation. Oh also the conversation lasted 2 nights in a row, both ending with him getting pissed and storming off.


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  • well I just can't get it - why the hell he would stay with you for 8 months if he basically did not even LIKE you ? are you sure that sex wasn't all he wanted ? I mean was there times when you were just lovingly without sexual engagements ?

    no way he did not like - I think he is just saying that

    • That's what I'm wondering... I want to know why he's lying because there's just no way he didn't like me. Yes we would hang out a lot without sex. Apparently he's been known to do this with other girls as well (ending it when it got too serious) but he's never loved any of them. I mean, maybe I'm just another girl and he freaked out with how serious it was getting.

    • so look ! regardless everything - If he is the type of guys that would fake & lie to girls for months just to sleep with them when he basically did not love them at all - I am telling you he is a user-lier and definitely a bad person - if that Is the case - dear you wouldn't want to grow old with someone like that - I know it is never easy to let go of someone you loved - but there are always emergencies , tc

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