Guy I'm seeing is going on vacation, told me "You will probably have moved on when I get back" meaning?

Been dating for about 3 months. he's going to be away for a week. Last night he said, "you will have probably moved on when I get back, you'll have soof mme new guy or something like that."

Dont know if he was joking or not, it sort of makes me feel bad that he thinks that of me. I've given him no reason to doubt him.


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  • This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with him. He is down on himself, and thinks that it's only going to take a little time before you forget about him. I would definitely have a talk with him.

    This type of behavior can hurt a budding relationship or kill an established one. He needs to realize that you are not going anywhere. Normal couples can be away from one another for a week or more and still stay together. A week is really not that long.

    Don't take this personally, he needs to realize that he is being silly for saying these things.

    • thanks for the kind words :)

    • and what can I say to him?

    • Let him know that you like him and that you feel he is just being down on himself. Tell him that he's being silly for thinking that. You wouldn't have agreed to date him if you didn't like him.

  • That's his way of telling you that he's going to miss you and doesn't want to leave. and he's probably anxious because I'm sure you're a good looking girl, and he's worried about how other guys will act towards you while he's not around. he's jealous.. that's a good sign. he just doesn't really want to leave you.


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