How can you tell if a guy is being polite or has possible interest in you?

I met this guy about 3 and a half months ago in my church and I've been getting to know him. He's actually seen me a lot in the church for about 4 years and he said he noticed that I was really quiet. I don't remember seeing him back then so we didn't talk, but he seems really nice. He's done quite nice things even though they're only little. Eg, last week we were sitting together during the service, but we were told to move to the row of chairs in front. He moved in front but I was still in the row behind picking up my stuff. Then he made a gap between two chairs in front with his foot so that I could walk straight into the row without having to go all the way round.

We had to write things down during the service but I didn't have a pen and asked him for a spare one. The only pen he had was the one he was already using but he offered to give me his pen, but I said no thanks. On Saturday I got my hair done short, and when I saw him the next day , one of the first things he said was 'I like your hair. It looks nice'. He's never complimented me before even when I've had new hairstyles in the past. We all had to read some Bible verses together outloud, but my Bible was translated differently from everyone elses. So everyone else had finished and it went quiet but I was still reading. Then when I realized this, I saw him looking at me and laughing/smiling. When we say hi and bye he's never actually referred to me by my name (except when he asked me what my name was when we met). Then when we hugged goodbye on Sunday, I heard him quietly say my name. I don't know if these things mean anything or if he just did them because he's a polite person. Is it likely that he's just being polite?


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  • If he's interested in you, he's not very assertive about it.

    The fact that he told you he's seen you a lot in the church for the past four years might even sound a bit creepy, but that's me talking.

    • haha I don't think he meant it in a creepy way! :)

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  • I would just ask him out casually.


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