Should I make the first move?

so I met this guy in my math class, I came in late and he was sitting upfront, it was packed so I was forced to take the seat right next to him, I like shoes so when I saw his sneakers I complimented him on them and he gave me the cutest smile and said thank you, I noticed he was being kinda shy and reserved so I turned to look at him but he just ignored me and focused on what the lecture was saying but it was too late for me and I was already hooked and have been ever since, He's beautiful and his voice drives me nuts and I think this is one of the longest crush's I'v ever had, I catch him looking at me from time to time but when I look at him his head just turns the other direction, yes even with a smile on my face he ignores me, I don't know what to do anymore, I like him but my PRIDE won't let me but this boy moving way to slow for my liking, so guys any thoughts? do you think I have a good chance if I make the first move and ask him out? or is he going to shoot me down?


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  • I know you're asking for a guy's opinion, but I think you should find him after class and ask him what's up! Just talk to him a bit. I think that'll give you a good feel for what he's thinking.

    • great idea but he has a horde of friends and is never alone, which is just sad.

    • Hmm, well is there a way to start chatting it up with one of his friends? This is a much longer way of getting to him but hey! maybe you'll make a few new friends along the way! Once you're one of his friends, you'll eventually become his. How about before class when everyone is waiting for the teacher you can strike up a convo then?

    • yeah totally, his friend once came up to me in class and asked me how my day was going you now, small talk, so that could work

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