Financial worries, any advice?

So, no this isn't about dating really. Sorry to disappoint ya! About a year ago I got out of an abusive relationship, constant mentally and one time physically. Anyway, I made the decision, eventually, to move out of the state to move on with my life. I'm at a crossroads right now because I've taken a lower paying, part-time job than compared to what I used to do because I quickly needed to start paying my rent and bills etc right when I moved. (not that I didn't have bills before, but now I'm the only income)

I was just reaching out to see if anyone had opinions on "webcamming" to make some extra money. I knew a girl that did it and she's been quite successful. She's told me that it is possible to make money on that website without getting naked. I just don't know if I should do it, but I'm getting pretty desperate to try to keep up with my bills.

Sorry for the rambling, just my thoughts all pouring out at once.

Thanks for reading :)

've really been struggling to find a better job. I worked as a Vet Tech for 6 years and now I'm working in a grooming salon and it's quite the drastic pay change. My area clinics are not hiring, and I really hate the retail world. But I don't know if I could ever bring myself to flirt with randoms on the internet for money.

I guess I'll just keep looking.

Was just curious about how the general public felt about it. Thanks!


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  • There was a time where the girls would line up at the strip bars to show their wares and perform a lap dance but those days are fleeting. I have meets some nice women that way.

    The good about striping at a club is you have more control over the audience. On the Internet you have no to little control over who sees you and to be paid any amount of money you must be nude. The problem is every little girl with a web cam is on the net showing peaks for a quarter. The prices of what you are proposing is going down by he hour.

    Check the different webmasters and see who is generating the greatest amount of sales. The worst place to be is desperate and alone.

    You want to know how the general public feels about it. I have in my past gone to strip clubs and dated a few, and this is no difference many of them all had similar problems, abusive boyfriends or where working for a boyfriend.

    It does not matte what others think of you. All that matters is how you feel about it. There are enough dumb men who will pay to see a beauty.

    Good luck,


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  • I feel it will cause a chain of events which could lead to prostitution. Plus once a photo is out there on the internet, it's out there. So if someone gets it and you land a good job, that could go around by word of mouth. Google images is a powerful tool.

    I've been in a similar boat. I've been offered numerous times for months from guys wanting to give me head. Even got a call from a guy offering $150. While it was tempting, I couldn't bring myself to it.

  • there has to be some other ways to make money , I haven't heard about anyone making money through webcams . when I was at college and needed some extra cash I found this part time job doing door to door newspaper sales and made a little extra money back then . there is always way to make some money if you look around what's available . might need to keep looking for a better paying job in that area

  • Personally, I'd advise against it, but I suppose its better than outright prostitution

    • Well when you put it in the same category as prostitution it sure changes my mind from it being a possibility to absolutely not! Thank you!

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    • haha, fair enough. I hope things turn around for you

    • thank you. I appreciate it. take care :)

  • I'd have to see how hot you are.


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