Why is my ex rude to me and none of his other exes?

Hes broken up with all of his other girlfriends and he broke up with me too...7 or 8 months ago. He told me he still liked me a lot and hasn't felt that way about someone before but wanted to mature a bit before getting into a serious relationship. He told me throughout the relationship I was the best girlfriend he ever had. I was his longest relationship (6 months and 3 months of dating before relationship), his others only lasted a few months. Soon after, he kept in touch and tried to "fix us" but felt like I had an issue with him- but I just was still coping with the break up. So its been a while obviously and I don't really want anything to do with him. Since were in the same group seeing him is inevitable. He'll do things like come up to me and just make fun of me even if all I am is nice to him but I won't ever initiate a convo with him because he's so rude. For example I was telling someone how I had to go to the doctor to get my back checked for skuliosis and he came up to me while laughing and was like yeah you have the worst posture. The weird thing is hell smile at me in the hall but then around his friends hell say the meanest things to me. Since I'm going on the same trip with him he got mad that I'm going too but I know if any of his other exes went he wouldn't care. He is acting so immature around me and since its been over half a year I thought this would end. Shouldn't I be the one angry at him, what did I even do and why is he so hateful?


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  • what was the reason of your breakup, did you do something that causes him to resent you? you're asking if you should be angry, if you like what he's doing to you then don't say a word but if you're fed up with his bullsh*t by all means stand up for yourself...since women put a lot of emphasis on communication, you should talk to me and find out why he's acting this way.

    • the reason we broke up was because we were going through a rough patch in which he was stressed all the time because he was so busy and started becoming very rude and put me down a lot which made me upset for the last couple months of the relationship and even though I told him why I was upset he got mad that I was constantly upset and couldn't deal with it anymore and broke up with me. Since then, I've been happy and it seems like now he's just angry and I have stood up for myself its just tiring

  • He stil likes you. and is acting like an a**hole.


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