How to know when it's worth it?

I've even talking to one of my old friends from way back when. We weren't ever too close, but wee been talking again for about a year an he's the most amazing guy I think I've ever come to know. We really want to be together , we're both 18, he's a few states away from me. He plans on visiting me soon, and it'll be intense for how we've been talking and skyping.. And I really can't wait.

Sometimes I think about the bleakness of it all and him being so far until we could work it out.

But then we talk and I realize that just that makes me so happy. I'm always just smiling like a fool when he just texts me.

Ahh it's not like I couldn't deal with the distance and what not, I just want other opinions on if it's really a feasible thought or not.
And no I'm not I'm not a virgin and have never had relational type experience.

I have had my playing around. I've just never known anyone to make me so happy


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  • If you are so happy, it's surely worth it.

    Now you just need to wait your meeting, to be sure that your "virtual" connection could work even in a "face to face" relationship.

    I hope so. Good luck.


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