Does it sound like my boyfriend's ex friend is trying to create drama?

on Facebook, my boyfriend ex girlfriend friend added me. she likes my statuses on Facebook about me and my boyfriend and pictures of me and him together, and also statuses I make. every single status I make or picture I take, she likes the picture. his ex girlfriend even see my page. honestly, I think he still talk to his ex but he denies it. he said he did not know his ex girlfriend best friend, later I found out he does know her. what do you think about this? she has over 6000 friends on Facebook, e verytime I post something she likes it


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  • Your boyfriend has an ex-girlfriend and her friend wants to stalk you? Creepy! You need to block her and his ex-girlfriend off of both of your profiles. It would probably be very good to block a few mutual people who seem to support the idea of them getting back together. I don't keep people like that around. They cause too much drama or other problems.

  • Why would you accept her if you didn't want drama?


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