If he wants to be with them in the future

Why do he ignore me? He said he wanted to be with me in the future several times in our relationships even in when we first broke up. I have wen months not contacting my ex but I just want to see how he is doing at times. I mean some of my guy friends say my ex is just doing him right now which fine but he can't see how I am doing? I mean he is not married...I just curious as to why.


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  • Hes ignoring you, cause he doesn't want to be with you. I'm sorry hunny, but if you really wanna be with someone, you wanna be with them. He's clearly being a douche and feeding you crap, and you clearly keep giving him your kindness, and he's not very appreciative of it. I would forget him. Cause if he really did wanna be with you, he would continue to have communication with you.

    And don't talk to his friends about him. They probably go back and tell him what your doing. Dissapear from that circle of friends. That might make him wonder where you are. But that's not a guarantee. At the end of the day, its works out in your favor anyways. He might come back, but if he doesn't, you will have moved on, and you won't remember him. Why would you wanna remember someone that is doing this to you anyways?..

    • Maybe what you said above is true. Then maybe he knows that he c?n come back to me at anytime in his life...how would I know?

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    • why you say he is a loser

    • Because, he's making you sit around. And he knows he has you in the palm of his hand. That's why he's a loser. He's is using you at his advantage.

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