We had sex...he's with his ex...is there hope?

okay so long story short I started seeing a guy who had recently (2 months) gotten out of a relationship of 2 years. an abusive one. I myself had taken a break from one where I've been involved with someone for 4 years. anyway he had been pursuing me and been interested for like 2 or 3 months but I never gave him the time of fay besides small conversations because we worked together and I was seeing someone. anyway I finally took him up on one of his offers to dinner and we hit it off and were basically inseparable falling for each other. his ex comes one night while he's working and I suggest he talks to her because she wants closure. so they talk and leave on talking basis. they continue to talk for like another day and he gets sick so she takes him to the doctors. he decides he wants to try things again with her and says he still wants to be friends because I'm a great person. unfortunately we dived into things fast because he's like the mirror image of me, I see so much of myself reflected in him. he told me things he's never told anyone etc. he told me he still loves me and has feelings for me but that they have to be on hold while he stays loyal to the situation...he didn't say his ex/gf/her name though we always referred to her by name or he says his ex.

what does he mean his feelings for me have to be on hold...he and his ex were together for 2 years but she's treated him like crap; cheated on him with his friends, stalked him, stolen his stuff, made threats, hit him etc. how long should I expect his relationship to last with her. his parents can't stand her and told him she was bad news when they first met. she's psycho and insecure and very very jealous.


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  • Sorry but he's a weak man to go back to a girl like that. I don't think you should be more than a friend to him.

    • does it count that he said he thinks she's changed. lol.

    • haha and he got his black eye when he fell down the stairs!

      Seriously though, I'm just curious if he is still friends with the guys she cheated with?

    • lol nah she's well behaved right now...she hit me up though trying to trap me. she's very much the same she's just being good for now so she can keep him for a while.

      nah he dropped em...shoulda dropped her too. lol. he tried but ya at his age most decisions aren't logical theyre emotional so I can't blame him, I was the same way. ehh all in good time huh.

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