Marine gone for 3 months. Am I his girlfriend?

Told a guy who I had a really huge crush on since HS that I think he was cute on an instagram picture he posted. So we ended up talking and he actlly did like me too in hs. We kicked it off really well, exchanged #s. However, I commented on a picture he posted about him leaving for the Marines the next day. SO we ended up talking for 23 hrs till he left ( slept for 5 hrs). All flirty and acting as we were getting together.talking about what he is goingto miss while he is gone. & he said " I won't be able to spend Halloween with you and wear couples costumes like Salt and Pepper." Beginning stages of dating. and I ended up seeing him before he left. He held my hand, it was so cute and he wanted to.So eventually he left and we just hugged by and that's it. He said he will write and he comes back in Dec.

My question is. Are we together? he's gone for 3 months in the Marines over seas and I don't know ifi should wait. I don't know if I'm his girlfriend or what. I feel like I kinda am. SO I wanna wait. I'm waiting for a letter from him around Oct/Nov. and hopefully that will tell me where we stand. What do I do?


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  • i don't think you are together together, just wait and see how he acts when he gets back


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