Girls Help! This girl confuses me!

I think this girl I work with and I have a thing for each other because we are both constantly finding ways to be around each other. We talk all the time and at first she used to be very shy, nervous, fidgety and blush around me, now she's more comfortable talking with me, but I can still tell sometimes she's nervous and so am I. There is another guy that has worked there about as long as I have and they actually work in the same department. I've seen her flip her hair around him and smile, this makes me jealous! I never have seen them talking alone like her and I do, and she does not seem to be nervous around him. It is just the hair flipping and smiling that makes me mad/jealous. This confuses me and I don't know what to think? A couple times I thought there was maybe a chance she was doing it around me to make me jealous, but I don't know for sure. Last week him and I were walking down the hall together and she locked eyes with me as we were passing her. Didn't even look at him once, he even said hi and she didn't even look. Another time him and I were joking in the hallway and she came up to him and made a joke, but kept her eye on me while she was doing it. It seemed like she was watching for my reaction, but maybe I'm naive? After she said her joke, I turned to walk back to our offices and she kind of hurried to catch up with me. I think I am jealous easy, but I can't help it. If I think a girl I like is flirting/likes someone else it makes me jealous. Can you girls help me, or offer me some advice I could use it?!


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  • I think she likes you but she's trying to get ya jealous. I think it's kinda her way to see whether you like her. Maybe try getting her jealous to see how she reacts?

    • Unfortunatly, I haven't had much of an opportunity to do it directly, she is like the only girl in our area. But, If I walk by other attractive girls she locks eyes with me like to divert my attention away from them. Is that what you mean?

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