What does she want from me? Mutual breakup but she seems upset I took it pretty easily. I may want back in

Recently split with girlfriend, was the second split. Basically broke up because she needed more attention and affection than I did. I was more chill about having time alone... she needed me around all the time. The latest break up happened when she said, this isn't working is it. I said no... because it wasn't. And rather than talk about how we could work it out I said "we're good people.. we're just not good together so let's call it off. Now I regret that. If she has her mind made up I don't want to hurt her more by bringing it back up. Here's where I don't understand. She insists on remaining friends on social media but says she will hide my acct for a while because she doesn't want to see me with girls.. "this is why we got back together the first time... she saw me with a girl and came over and asked to work it out" Anyway.. she also finds reasons to text when she needs help with something when I figure she could find someone else to do these things... if I don't answer she will keep texting saying no one else can help. Should I try and reconcile, just reply when she messages or ignore her altogether because it didn't work before.


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