Miss my ex but have a new boyfriend?

Im so confused... I left my boyfriend who was incredible to me... he wanted to marry me and treated me like I was a princess... but I don't know why I pushed myself away from him and then I met my current boyfriend and he was exciting and new and I do love him... but he just doesn't treat me as well and is very negative about the future...saying relationships never last and they lead to so much pain but I guess he's just being realistic... but anyway... do I really still love my ex or am I just missing something with my current boyfriend? I feel like I still love my ex... but then why would I have left him like that? I don't know if I made the right choice... maybe neither of them are right for me... I'm just thinking of all the memories and all the good times we had... I was so involved with his family and really just miss that relationship.
and I have been with this new guy for 8 months so he's not really new anymore... I started dating him right after I broke up with my ex... so I had no time in between to think. I rushed into it


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  • It seems you might love and still miss him base on your inquiry about not knowing your emotions. Good times help but also show what type of person you are. It seems your ex made you who you were which you has moved you so much.


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  • You have been in a very comfortable relationship. Now the new guy is giving you the opposite.

    Isn't the new guy just a rebound ?

    If you are so unhappy now, you should break up with the guy, and take a little time to think.

    If you stay alone for a month, you'll probably realize that there was a reason for breaking up with the former, and not staying with the latter.

    Then you'll move on.

    • ok thank you ... ill have to see if I can do it... all my friends have gone off to college I don't know if I can be alone. I know that sounds like a terrible reason to stay with someone

    • Yes, it's a terrible reason, but at the same time, it's understandable.

      Try to make new friends? Give it time, you're only 18.

  • You probably broke up with him because the relationship became stale and boring. You said yourself that he was incredible, he treated you like a princess. Most likely, he was too nice and didn't present a challenge anymore. He lost value and respect in your eyes.

    You say you love your new boyfriend? Is that really true or do you just love the excitement? People get the honeymoon stage of a relationship mixed up with love. Maybe you pushed him away because you were afraid of commitment and the talk of marriage but who knows? 18-24 is pretty young and we all feel like we need to experience the world. Talking about settling down often gets people to feel like they are about to be trapped or chained down for the rest of their life.

    Your new boyfriend doesn't treat you as well, that should be a clear sign.

    I honestly think that you should take the time out to really think about it. Guys like your ex boyfriend are hard to find and you'll see many women complain about not being able to find a guy like that when they get older. Truth is that they probably broke up with a ton of a great guys when they were younger and now realize that those kind of guys aren't a dime a dozen.

    • thank you for the thought out answer... I know I'm only 18...im just so confused and anxious about the whole thing because I don't have long if its even possible to get back with my ex after 8 months... I just read all his wonderful posts about me on tumblr from 4 months ago ='[

    • Not a problem, most people just don't realize what they have until it's gone. The saying applies to everything. We often grow used to everything whether it's a phone, car, person, etc. and it's value drops. It's not until we don't have it anymore that we realize what we had.

    • I'm not saying your ex is the right choice, I just feel that the way you described the two guys makes him seem like a better option. If anything, like someone else mentioned, you just need some time alone to think about everything since you jumped into a new relationship right away.

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  • You did get out of a relationship with a guy who really cared for you.. that was not wise but then again I am sure you had your own reason.. the reason you are missing your ex because your current boyfriend does not give you the same things he did.. you may even slightly be regretting your decision.. but then there is a possibility you left him because.. maybe you just didn't feel the same way about him.. now that he is gone. you may be realising the value of such a relationship.. your current boyfriend is true but it does not always have to be painful and have to end. It is upto you now.. try talking it out with a close friend who knows all about your relationships or even your mother if you are comfortable.. hope this helped.. And don't make any hasty decisions since you are confused.. you don't know how many people you may be hurting in all your confusion and whirpool and thoughts, emotions and uncertainity.

    • ok thank you for your advice it really helps me feel better about the whole situation

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