I miss him so much,I want to break my no contact rule.

Almost 3 weeks ago my boyfriend told me he had gotten back with an ex and was in love with both of us and I broke up with him.I said we shouldn't contact each other for at least 3 months but he wanted us to keep talking but I said I wanted to get over him but now in less than one month I miss him and feel the urge to text him...bad idea?


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  • bad idea. keep with NC

  • Of course bad idea. The whole point of breaking contact is getting rid of the feeling you have right now. Talk to him and you'll have to start over or keep contact and feel miserable the rest of your life.

    Whenever you feel like talking to him, try thinking you might interrupt a session of hot steamy sex with his current girlfriend. I don't know, like you send him a text and he will be reading it while pumping the other girl.

    Also, putting a limit to the contact break is also a bad idea. As a general rule, after a break up, I don't contact my ex unless I don't feel I want to contact her. When you don't feel the need to talk to him is when you'll know you are over him.


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